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Peggy’s Thoughts

“The only thing that is life threatening is to lose your soul.”
"To condone sin is a sin."
"Salvation is a gift . . . Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."


**Most Recent Newsletter***

“The Voice of the Common Man”

Issue #228 September 11, 2019

Have We Learned Nothing?

Eighteen years ago radical Islamic terrorists (al-Qaeda) crashed two airplanes into The World Trade Center towers in New York City, taking the lives of 2,996 people and injuring over 6,000 others.  One aircraft was American Airlines, Flight 11, the other United Airlines, Flight 175. 


That same day, another hijacked airplane (American Flight 77) crashed into the Pentagon building taking another 189 lives, and yet another hijacked airplane (United Flight 93), destined for the U.S. Capitol Building, crashed in an open field in rural Pennsylvania, killing forty-four people.


The passengers on Flight 93, fought heroically with the hijackers, thwarting their scheme to destroy the U.S. Capitol Building, but sadly, none of the people on-board the aircraft survived the crash.


On October 7, 2001, the United States, under President George W. Bush, launched military attacks, with British support, against al-Qaeda and Taliban forces located in Afghanistan, the home of the al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, who was identified as the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attacks.


The war in Afghanistan extended over into Iraq on March 19, 2003 when the United States and allied forces invaded Iraq to “disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and to end [Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.”

On May 1, 2003, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced and end to “major combat” in Afghanistan.  And on that same day, President Bush announced that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.”  Both of those proclamations were short lived.

Eighteen years later, after 5,000+ U.S. soldiers have been killed and 32,000+ wounded in action, and the U.S. has spent more than $3 trillion in these wars . . . we still have approximately 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and 14,000 in Afghanistan.


And we are still operating under the illusion that we will eventually “free the people” from tyrannical rulers, and when we do, the people will form a democracy, rule themselves, and live peacefully with their neighbors. 


But that is never going to happen.  Why? It is because we are dealing with people who have been taught from birth, “the only sure path to paradise, for you and your family, is to kill the infidels.”  And the “infidels” are anyone who rejects the teaching of Islam.


The enemy we are fighting has no fear of dying, if their death is for the cause of Allah.  And that is because they’ve been assured, by Islamic teaching in the book of Koran, that “dark-eyed virgins await them in paradise.”


We are fighting a spiritual warfare that cannot be won by the U.S. military.  This spiritual battle can only be won by Almighty God, the one true God of Creation.  And that is why it is so important for all of us to humble ourselves, pray, seek the face of God, and turn from our wicked ways. 


God’s Word, in 2 Chronicles 7:14, tells us that if we will do that, God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins, and heal our land.  Have you called upon the Lord?  If not, you can do it right now by praying this simple prayer:


“Jesus, I am a sinner, and I am sorry.  Please forgive my sins and come into my heart as my Lord and Savior.  I repent (turn away) from sin and I commit my life to you.  I will study your word, follow your teachings, and obey your commands.  And Lord, show me what you want me to do; what part I can play in furthering your kingdom.  Thank you, Lord, for saving me.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”



Duane Collins


Common Man Ministry        PO Box 456         Bixby, OK 74008




***News You May Have Missed***

Note: The inclusion of these news articles is to make sure you are aware of the illogical thinking in our world today. These articles bear evidence that people’s minds are being corrupted by demonic, perverted thinking; and this “thinking” is particularly pervasive in our younger generation. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and hope it will soon go away. No! We must take a stand and resist the evil-ones who are promoting this twisted thought process. God’s Word says, “Resist the devil and he will flee.”


Crazy Statements From Democrats 9/9/19

Socialist Bernie Sanders tells the CNN audience that his administration would feature population control provisions in order to combat climate change.  Yes, Bernie believes we have too many people on this earth, and that is why he favors U.S. tax payer funded abortion in America, and around the world (through foreign aid programs).


Bernie has not said what his plans are for older Americans who no longer work and do not pay federal income tax.  But if he is that unconcerned about protecting the lives of innocent unborn babies, can you imagine how he must feel about senior citizens, and disabled military veterans, many of whom are totally dependent upon the government for their care?

Kate Steinle’s Murder 9/3/19

Do you remember in July 2015, when Kate Steinle was shoot and killed by an illegal alien on the San Francisco waterfront, and she died in the arms of her father?   The man who shot her was Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate who was in the U.S. illegally after being deported five times.


A California jury acquitted Zarate on the murder charge, but he was convicted of “a felon being in possession of a firearm.”  However, the 1st District Court of Appeals last Friday overturned the gun conviction against Zarate, claiming that “the judge failed to instruct the jury on one of Zarate’s defenses.


Fortunately, Zarate is still in jail on other federal charges . . . But can you imagine an American citizen being granted this extensive legal representation at no cost to the defendant?  One more example of the unequal application of justice.


Bernie Sanders: “Forgive All Medical Debt” 9/3/19

On Friday, Bernie Sanders announced his plan to “cancel all U.S. medical debt” if he is elected president.  In Florence, South Carolina, Bernie made that campaign promise, saying, “Medical debt is the leading cause of consumer bankruptcy, and he wants to eliminate it.”


Reuters reports the existing past-due medical debt amounts to $81 Billion, and Sanders is proposing the U.S. government would negotiate and pay off that debt for all Americans.  No doubt, that would sound appealing to those who are burdened with medical debt. 


But common sense tells you it would be an impossible thing to do.  Why?  First of all, where is Bernie going to get the $81 Billion?  Bernie has already promised to pay off all outstanding student loans ($1.5 Trillion), he’s promised Medicare for All ($32 Trillion) and he’s promised to implement the Green New Deal ($93 trillion).  Where is all that money going to come from?


It has to come from U.S. taxpayers - and there are not enough of us to go around.  Bernie says he is going to raise taxes on corporations – but any reasonable person knows that taxes paid by corporations are passed on to consumers by increasing the price of their products/services they sell. 


Bernie says he’s going to increase the tax on the “fat cats” like himself, but even if he confiscated all the assets of every U.S. billionaire, he would only get $9.2 Trillion.  The plain hard truth is:  Bernie’s plans won’t work – there’s not enough money to fund these impossible pipedreams – they would bankrupt this nation – and we would end up just like the people in Cuba and Venezuela. 


Bernie knows that, and that’s exactly what a socialist like Bernie Sanders wants.  Comrade Bernie would be the supreme leader of the USA . . . and we would all be working for the government for $44/month like they do in Cuba (NBC News 6/28/19).


American citizens had better wake up and recognize the foolishness of these empty promises being made by most Democrat presidential contenders.


Illegal Aliens Commit More Crimes 8/29/19

Judicial Watch reports 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 involved foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens).  This data came from the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, the government agency responsible for collecting crime data.


The 25-page report shows an alarming increase in immigration crimes.  In 1998 there were 20,942.  In 2017 there were 58,031.  In 2018 there were 108,667.  This was a breathtaking 418.9% increase in two decades.


And yet most Democrats and some Republicans are telling American citizens, “There is no border crisis.” 


Merit Not Allowed in NYC Public Schools 8/29/19

An education panel appointed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is recommending the elimination of all merit-based programs in NYC public schools.  The panel says merit-based programs are racist because some racial backgrounds fail to achieve as much as others.


Sumantra Maitra, a doctoral researcher and senior contributor to The Federalist says, “This is just the next step in active discrimination against hardworking students, for the sake of equal outcome.  Behind the benevolent facade, this is a deeply sinister move to change the American education system and its competitive advantage, forcing it onto the quasi-religious altar of diversity.”


Mayor de Blasio and his schools’ chancellor, Richard Carranza have previously taken steps to cut Asian enrollments in specialized high schools, because the classes are being dominated by working-class Asian-Americans who are high achievers. 

Critics say Mayor de Blasio is trying to make the schools more perfectly reflect the demographic make-up of the city.


Comment: This is quietly happening in many public schools across the nation.  They don’t want low performers to feel bad, so they try to not be too celebratory of high achievement; i.e., “We are all equal . . . There are no winners or losers.”  Sounds like Socialism doesn’t it?  Some public schools are introducing Transcendental Meditation to help “calm” troubled students.


Kamala Harris & Planned Parenthood 8/26/19

Remember the video that secretly recorded Planned Parenthood executives conspiring to sell the body parts of aborted babies?  And do you remember the California justice system filing charges against David Daleiden, the man who recorded the video, instead of filling charges against Planned Parenthood?


Kamala Harris, one of the leading Democrat presidential candidates, is the person who ordered a search warrant for any unreleased videos that David Daleiden might have in his possession – and - she filed felony charges against David Daleiden for “recording private conversations and the conspiracy to do so.”  Kamala Harris was California’s Attorney General at that time, and the charges were filed on behalf of Planned Parenthood.


On August 23, 2019, The Federalist reports that Kamala Harris has received tens of thousands of dollars (in campaign funds) from Planned Parenthood-affiliated entities.  It also reports that Daleiden’s lawyers have now obtained email exchanges between Harris’s office and Planned Parenthood executives, proving they were working together to get their hands on those unreleased videos and other documents.


This new information also includes evidence the state’s own special investigative team did not believe there was probable cause to search and seize Daleiden’s property, and yet, Kamala Harris went against their advice and proceeded with the search of Deleiden’s home, confiscating many of his personal belongings.


Daleiden’s attorneys have now petitioned the court to “throw out” the charges against Deleiden, claiming California’s Shield Law protects citizen journalists’ unpublished materials, therefore, Kamala Harris’ search and seizure was illegal.


Comment:  Think about that.  Planned Parenthood is conspiring to sell aborted baby body parts - - but the person who blows the whistle on their illegal activity is charged with a felony.  One more example of the unequal application of justice.


Electoral College vs Popular Vote 8/22/19

The Democrat presidential candidates are calling for the elimination of the Electoral College voting system.  Instead, they want the presidential candidate receiving the most popular votes to be declared the winner.


Why do they want to do that?  It is because the big city voters in the most populace states would then be the ones choosing the next president -- and the voters in those big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc., typically vote for the Democrat Party candidate.


Our founding fathers recognized the fallacy of the popular vote, in that it could totally shut-out voters in rural communities and smaller states.  As a result, they designed the Electoral College system which enables every citizen, regardless of their location, to have a more equal voice in choosing our national leader.


Today’s presidential candidates, in their zeal to eliminate the Electoral College, have overlooked one very, very important thing . . . If it had not been for the Electoral College, Abraham Lincoln would not have become our 16th President, and the Emancipation Proclamation, eliminating slavery in the United States, might never have happened.


Abraham Lincoln was one of four candidates in the 1860 presidential election, and he only received 39.8% of the popular vote.  However, he received 180 (60%) of the 303 electoral votes and carried 18 (55%) of the 33 states.


Had it not been for the Electoral College voting system, the history of this great nation might have been quite different.  The Electoral College system has proven to be a good system.  It’s a fair system.  It’s worked for 215 years.  It isn’t broke, so we don’t need to “fix” it in order to win the 2020 election.


Jill Biden Endorses Husband Joe 8/21/19

“I know that not all of you are committed to my husband, and I respect that,” she said. “But I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and who’s going to win this race.”


“Your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, health care, than Joe is,” Jill Biden said Monday in New Hampshire. “But you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election. And maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, ‘OK, I personally like so and so better,’ but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump.”


"So I think if your goal — I know my goal — is to beat Donald Trump, we have to have someone who can beat him," she concluded.


Comment: Sounds like she is not that impressed with Sleepy Joe either.


Elizabeth Warren’s View of Abortion 8/20/19

Elizabeth Warren wrote an article for Time Magazine celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  In that January 21, 2018 article, Elizabeth Warren made this statement: “Thanks to Roe v. Wade, abortion is now safer than getting your tonsils out.  A lot of women are alive today because of Roe.”


In the article, Warren said, “Access to safe abortion services has changed the economic futures of millions of women.”  She then went on to explain the expense of raising a child – what a cost burden that is to women – how a woman’s wage-earning capability suffers throughout their lives – and how an unexpected pregnancy can derail a woman’s most careful plans for financial independence.


Nowhere in the article did Elizabeth Warren express any concern whatsoever for the 61.5 million babies whose lives were snuffed-out because of Roe v. Wade.


What kind of people have we become to show such lack of respect for the sanctity of life?  And how can a person with such disrespect for the life of a little, innocent, unborn baby be held in such high esteem by Democrat voters? 


If the president of the United States is unwilling to protect our unborn babies, how could we expect him/her to protect American citizens from enemies foreign and domestic?

LGBT History Taught In Public Schools 8/14/19

Illinois has passed a law requiring “LGBT History” to be taught in all public schools.  Illinois’ Democrat Governor J. B. Pritzker signed House Bill 246 into law on August 9, with the objective of encouraging a more diverse history curriculum. 


The new law affects all schools, stipulating they include “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people” in official textbooks.  Governor Pritzker said, “The LGBTQ community won’t just have a seat at the table, they will be equal partners in the fight to make equality a lived reality for all.”


New Jersey, California and Colorado have also embraced the new LGBT school curriculum.  (www.charismanews.com)


Comment: To paraphrase God’s Word: These people have no excuse for the bad things they do . . . Their thinking becomes useless because their foolish minds are filled with darkness . . . They say they are wise, but they’ve become fools . . . They’ve traded the truth of God for a lie . . . They know that God’s law says that those who live like this should die.  And yet, not only do they continue to do these evil things, they applaud and encourage others to do the same things (see Romans 1:18-32 NCV).


The only remedy is sorrowful repentance, and salvation through Jesus Christ.


Cannot Say “Jesus Loves You.” 8/14/19

A Christian realtor, Hadassah Carter, simply put a Bible verse (John 3:16) on her website and included “Jesus loves you” in her email signature.  That prompted a Virginia state agency to contact Ms. Carter’s broker, asking the broker to “watch and report” Ms. Carter’s religious speech at her job.


This kind of targeted discrimination against Christians is real.  It is unconstitutional.  It is illegal.  And it cannot stand.  And to make matters worse, there were no actual complaints against Ms. Carter’s posting; the state agency took it upon themselves to intimidate, and silence Ms. Carter.


Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has filed a lawsuit against the Virginia state agency to defend Ms. Carter’s religious liberty.  (www.ACLJ.org)


Democrats Threaten Supreme Court 8/14/19

Democrats are concerned that the Supreme Court is becoming more conservative, particularly if President Trump is re-elected in 2020.  So, Democrat Senators have written a letter to the Court asking them to “heal themselves” or face restructuring by the Democrats.


Here’s the threat contained in the Democrat’s letter: “The Supreme Court is not well.  And the people know it.  Perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.’  Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”


Democrat presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand have also signaled their support for a “restructuring of the Court” by expanding the number of judges sitting on the Court.


Comment:  Democrats are afraid the Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, and that could stop the billion dollar business of slaughtering innocent babies, and put Planned Parenthood (one of their biggest financial donors) out of business. 


But this only exposes the hypocrisy of the Democrats.  They say they’re concerned about the “influence of politics” on the Court . . . while they themselves are threatening to take “political action against the Court” if the Court doesn’t rule in their favor.  Pretty pathetic isn’t it?


Mass Stabbing in California 8/13/19

On August 7th a man went on a crime spree that lasted 3 hours.  According to NBC-LA, the man robbed and stabbed people in eight different locations.  This one-man crime spree, which investigators have classified as an “anger-filled rampage,” left four people dead and two hospitalized from knife wounds.


The rampage began at the apartment where the killer lived.  He then proceeded to stab people at a gas station, a bakery, a check-cashing business, an insurance agency, a 7-Eleven convenience store, and a Subway restaurant.  CNN reports the police identified the man as Zachary Castaneda, a known gang member, but they did not say what gang he was affiliated with.


Zachary Castaneda was arrested by Garden Grove Police and he has been charged with multiple crimes by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, including four counts of murder. 


But the interesting part is this: Zachary Castaneda was out on bail on three separate felony Orange County cases dating back to July 19, 2019, when he was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, drug possession, and carrying a dirk or dagger.  And there is more: Castaneda was released from prison in January 2016 after having been convicted of multiple criminal counts including drug possession and possession of a firearm, according to Luis Patino, a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


Comment:  Obviously this man should never have been “set free” and allowed to roam the streets of California. 


Our criminal justice system seems to be operating in reverse.  We criticize law-enforcement personnel – and we release criminals from prison – and then we try and implement new laws that will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.  Does that make sense to you?


It doesn’t make sense to me.  However, God’s Word tells us a time is coming when we will call evil good, and good evil – we will call darkness light, and light darkness – we will call bitter sweet, and sweet bitter – and we will reward the wicked and punish the righteous.  The people will turn away from the law of the Lord, and despised His Word . . . and the anger of the Lord will be kindled . . . and the people will be smitten!  (see Isaiah, chapter 5)


From all indications . . . that day is extremely close at hand.  We had better get right with God while there is still time.


Refugees Charged With Terrorism 8/7/19

Judicial Watch reports two African refugees living in Tucson, Arizona have been arrested and charged with conspiring with ISIS.  FBI agents arrested 21-year-old Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and 20-year-old Abdi Yemani Hussein after a months-long investigation.  The two men entered the U.S. as refugees from Somalia during the Obama era when hundreds of thousands were admitted and relocated to various locations throughout the U.S.


Mohamed is quoted as saying he wants to “behead non-believer of Islam like animals” and has called for “another 9/11.”  Hussein is quoted as saying he wanted to “blow up the White House and Tucson if anyone tries to stop me.”


In a similar case last fall, two other “refugees” were arrested by the FBI.  Mohamed Abdirahman Osman, and his wife, Zeinab Abddirahman Mohamed, had been living in Tucson since 2014.  The couple were arrested and indicted by a grand jury for using fake Somalian passports and lying about their ties to the militant Somali group Al-Shabaab.


Comment:  How many more are entering the U.S. every day under fraudulent conditions with similar evil intentions?


Gun Control 8/7/19

After the shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend, Joe Biden said on CNN yesterday, “I would institute a national buyback program.”  Biden is proposing an Australian-style gun buyback program whereby persons owning firearms would sell their weapons to the government at government-determined prices.  Biden said the program would be optional.


However, Beto O’Rourke, not to be outdone, says he will implement a mandatory gun buyback program – even though the Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the Second Amendment protects a U.S. citizens’ right to possess weapons in “common use.”


Australia had mandatory buyback programs in 1996 and 2003.  Both programs were temporary and were financed by increasing Australia’s “Medicare” program by 1.5 to 1.7% (depending on income).  The buyback was estimated to have cost $500 million and resulted in the confiscated of approximately 650,000 gun from Australia citizens.


Argentina initiated a voluntary buyback program in 2007 and collected 104,782 firearms, which is about 7% of the total number of privately owned firearms in Argentina.  Argentina also “bought-back” 747,000 units of ammunition.


Brazil had similar programs in 2003, 2004, and 2009.  Brazil collected and destroyed over 1.1 million guns – the gun owners were given $100 per gun that they handed in.  Brazil also strengthened their gun laws by making it illegal to own unregistered firearms, and illegal to carry a gun outside of one’s home.  They also raised the minimum age to own a gun to 25.


Comment:  Under these government programs, the only people turning in their guns are law-abiding citizens.  The crooks and criminals are not about to turn in their weapons.  In fact, they’re laughing at these policies, because it only makes their jobs safer.    

Democrat Governor Facing Ethics Questions 8/5/19

The Washington Free Beacon reports Gina Raimondo, the Democrat governor of Rhode Island awarded a no-bid $1 Billion gaming contract to a company that is represented by the treasurer of the Democratic Governors Association which is chaired by Governor Raimondo.


Governor Raimondo and Democratic state legislators announced in June 2019, an exclusive twenty-year $1 Billion contract with IGT, a British gambling company, to operate the state’s lottery system.  IGT reportedly will receive a 32% stake in the newly-legalized sports betting operation.


Critics of the deal claim this was a closed-door-no-bid process negotiated by Donald Sweitzer, the head lobbyist for IGT.  However, Sweitzer at one time owned 60,000 shares in IGT, and he now serves as the treasurer of the Democratic Governors Association which is led by Governor Raimondo. 


Campaign finance records indicate IGT has contributed $1.4 million to the Democratic Governors Association since 2003, and an additional $70,000 to Governor Raimondo since 2014.  The Rhode Island Republican Party has filed a complaint with the state’s ethics commission, claiming the close ties between Donald Sweitzer and Governor Gina Raimondo violate state laws.


Palestinian Rioters 8/5/19

According to Breitbart News, Palestinian rioters last Friday raised Nazi swastika along with a Palestinian flag during their weekly Gaza border riot.  About 6,000 protesters gathered and threw rocks, firebombs, and explosive devises at Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) at the Gaza/Israel border.


On the previous Thursday morning, three Israeli soldiers were injured by a Palestinian gunman who tried to infiltrate the border no-zone area.  The gunman was killed by the IDF and an Israeli officer and two soldiers were evacuated to Soroka hospital in Beersheba – their condition is reported as stable.







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